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Ammonium nitrate (N 34.5)

Ammonium nitrate (N 34.5)

Purpose and possibilities of usage: Nitrogen fertilizer is intended for the fertilization of all plants in the spring before sowing and for additional fertilization (for example, winter grain) during plant vegetation. The plants which are fertilized with ammonium nitrate use less water, contains more proteins and sugar, additionally they have prolonged vegetation period. Nitrogen in the fertilizer is especially important during the intensive plant growth period. When fertilizing plants with ammonium nitrate, the roots develop more rapidly, the plant is more rapidly supplied with nutrients, it increases its development, disappears leaf yellowing.



Country of origin

United Kingdom (UK)

Types & weights of packaging

Big bags: 600 kg

Transportation information

  • We can deliver goods to any part of Lithuania.
  • Products packed in bags can also be picked up at IMLITEX warehouses in Kaunas, Vilnius, Kėdainiai, Panevėžys.

Chemical composition

Element Part, %
Total amount of ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen 34.5%

Average fertilization rates

Culture Rate kg/ha
Cereals 400-700 kg/ha
Potatoes 200-400 kg/ha
Rape 250-600 kg/ha

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