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NPK 11-11-24

NPK 11-11-24

Purpose and possibilities of usage: The highest quality complex non-chlorinated fertilizer with micro elements. Complex fertilizers contain all the essential nutrients necessary for the plant, which are necessary for the plants at the very beginning of their vegetation. The nitrogen contained in the composition is in two forms: nitric and ammoniacal. The nitric form plants absorb faster, and ammoniacal – gradually. Phosphorus contained in the fertilizers is easily absorbed and stimulates the rapid development of young plant roots and its rapid growth. Potassium stimulates better growth of young plants, reduces the harmful effect of saline concentration on plants which are sensitive to chlorine.



Country of origin


Types & weights of packaging

Big bags: 500 kg

Transportation information

  • We can deliver goods to any part of Lithuania.
  • Products packed in bags can also be picked up at IMLITEX warehouses in Kaunas, Vilnius, Kėdainiai, Panevėžys.

Chemical composition

Element Part, %
Ammoniacal and nitrate nitrogen (N) 11%
Phosphorus oxide (P2O5) 11%
Potassium (K2O) 24%

Average fertilization rates

Culture Rate kg/ha
Potatoes 500-800 kg/ha
Vegetables 400-800 kg/ha
Fruit trees 500-1000 kg/ha

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