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UAB “Imlitex” is a commercial agent of AB “ORLEN Lietuva” for sale of marked diesel in Lithuania.

We apply a flexible settlement system for farmers, combining convenient payment terms or organizing the exchange to grains (wheat, barley, triticale and rape seeds).

We supply the following fuel products:

  • Marked heating fuel
  • Marked diesel for agriculture
  • Diesel

Delivery throughout Lithuania within 3 days from the submission of order.
The orders are taken on business days from 9.00 to 15.00

Seasonality of fuel

Winter period 1st December – 28th (29th) February 1st and 2nd arctic classes
Transitional period 1st March – 30th April Class E
Summer period 1st May – 30th September Class C
Transitional period 1st October – 30th November Class E

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