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About us

IMLITEX AGRO, UAB – is a trading company, specialized in agricultural sector, supplying raw materials used in the sector and active in international grain trade.

Facts about IMLITEX AGRO, UAB:

• We supply more than 300 raw materials for agriculture
• We buy up to 300.000 tons of grains per year.
• Yearly turnover more than € 100 M.
• We serve more than 3000 clients

Imlitex Agro – commercial agent of AB ORLEN Lietuva for sale of marked diesel in Lithuania. We supply customers with diesel, marked diesel for agricultural needs and heating fuel.

Representing a well-known lime fertilizer producer LHOIST, we supply granulated lime fertilizers. IMLITEX AGRO is the only company in the market who has granulated lime fertilizer in oxide form, which is easy to disperse with a fertilizer spreader. Company exports fertilizers to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Being one of the largest suppliers of feed materials in Baltic region we have all the necessary ingredients for the production of feed and premixes in our portfolio. We export feed raw materials to Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Denmark, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

IMLITEX AGRO is a part of the corporate group IMLITEX HOLDINGS, which is the most diversified commodity distribution group in Baltic region. All companies of the IMLITEX group foster business model based on an open and honest partnership. Our values: community, credibility and creativity.